Little Red Dot

Shopkeeper Stories in Singapore with shophouses and small business enterprises entrepreneurship retail

Get ready for Singapore! An island, a city, a state, a nation. When the nation was mocked for being a “little red dot” because you can hardly see its territory on the global map, Singaporeans took this mockery in stride and transformed the moniker into a fashionable brand name: “Little Red Dot”. One might even say that this label infused the young and growing city (which turns 50 this year) with a newfound and hilarious burst of national identity.

Say hello to small business owners from the “little red dot” in this coming series! My interviews this time explore their experiences with a bit more depth that I hope you enjoy. And, by the way, since I’m in the city, feel free to suggest small businesses in Singapore for me to meet — but keep in mind that only the coolest will make it to Shopkeeper Stories!

In this photo you can see shophouses that were built from the mid-1800s along Syed Alwi Road. In the original conception of this architecture, the shop was located on the ground floor while the family lived above it — creating a “human-scaled” environment for strolling and interacting and, today, many shophouses in Singapore have been restored and transformed into offices and commercial zones.

Curious to learn more about shophouses in Singapore? You can start with these links: and explore the latest interviews from Shopkeeper Stories on Facebook and Instagram @ShopkeeperStories. See you there!


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