15 minutes in a hawker centre in Singapore [Part I]

Urban Runway

While drinking a mug of sugarcane juice, I took out my camera to document the people walking by in the exact same spot. This set of photos captures the mix of the crowd from “suits” to “slippers” to “stylish seniors” on bikes. Welcome to the tropics of Singapore!

_13 _14 _15 _16 _17 _18 _19 _20 _21

You can see Part II of the series over here that gives us a moment of pause into the diversity of social strata that flow through the local markets, as well as a look at the microeconomy at work: distributors bringing in sacks of rice, drinks, and other supplies.

This street photography was a side excursion to the project on small business owners around the world that you can see on Facebook and Instagram @ShopkeeperStories. Enjoy!

A visual and informative splash of shopkeepers with their colourful trades on ShopkeeperStories.com


4 thoughts on “15 minutes in a hawker centre in Singapore [Part I]

    • Haha I was just thinking about making a video! It’s a good idea. I love the way photos hit the ‘pause’ button on social reality so we can soak in all the details and expressions and range of people… letting us ponder on each distinct moment. I’ll post a video that I made in Cambodia with a similar concept (social activity within a few minutes in one spot).

      Thanks for your note!


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