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My name is Nazish Zafar. I completed a PhD in Sociology at Johns Hopkins University that focused on the survival and growth of small businesses. In cities around the world, I interview shopkeepers at their place of work and share their tips and insights on running a small business.

This blog is for everyone who has experienced a dizzying sense of wide-eyed awe in markets. These trading spaces attract the criss-crossing of people from diverse corners of the earth in an intimate exchange of culture, ideas and products.

The shop and shopkeeper are one and the same: the interaction is intimate. Who knows what you might walk away with: a clucking hen? a pearl necklace? or perhaps you will trade a quick smile with a stranger – priceless! – and walk away feeling anchored in the mumbo-jumbo of humanity.

Through this project, I invite you to step with me into these lively market stalls, shops, and office spaces, and learn from their collective wisdom of the world. It is a pleasure to chat with the business owners, learn about their struggles and achievements, and to share their stories with you.

“In the micro-universe of each shop

bubbles a macro-story of the world.”


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    I am glad I found your blog. It showed up under WPress recommendations. Following your blog.

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