Reaping Cash


Chenda used to work in the fields of Cambodia, but the harvest could not support her family, so she started a business in Siem Reap to reap cash. Her advice to shopkeepers: be friendly. Business is all about good relationships!

Chenda says that the worst thing about her business is when other vendors undercut her prices, so that they can steal her customers. Sometimes, they call out lower prices to her customers, even while they are buying from her! It is frustrating to deal with aggressive competition, but she chooses to stay focused in her own space, rather than respond in the same way.

This type of behaviour is common in the market. Sam, who is a fishmonger in Singapore, describes a similar cut-throat scene in his trade, and gives this advice for success: “Do the right thing, and do the thing right.”

Shopkeeper Stories is a photographic documentary of small business owners with their trades around the world, sharing their insights and stories. Join this journey on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @ShopkeeperStories. See you there!



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