Fishy Business

IMG_4485_2As a fishmonger, Samuel wakes up at 1.00am every morning to get fresh fish from the port. He had worked in accounting for 12 years, but the migraines made it clear he needed a break from the office, so he decided to run a stall at the market.

I asked about the impact of overfishing, but he said that’s not the biggest problem. The problem is when fishermen throw dynamite into the ocean to make fish float to the top. This method (called blast fishing) doesn’t just kill fish, it destroys the entire ecosystem such as coral reefs around the Indonesian islands. He tries not to buy from wholesalers who deal with these fishermen; reputation matters in the market so it sends a message. It’s easy to tell when dynamite has been used: when you cut open the fish, you’ll notice that the tissue and skeleton is disintegrated.

Sam’s market stall is a far cry from the air-conditioned office where he used to work, but he enjoys the creative autonomy of managing his own business and constantly learning something new about the trade.

For doing business, his advice is to “do the right thing, and do the thing right.”

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