Tastes like Greek to me


“I am the cashier, the designer, the server, the therapist…. yes, even a therapist! Sometimes I have to go into the kitchen to manage the emotions of the staff… as a business owner, you wonder, maybe you are actually superwoman!”

Elli immigrated to the United States with her husband from Greece to build their dream of starting a restaurant. Back home, she used to be an architect and enjoyed her work. However, running a business has been fully stimulating. “The most important thing is time… using time well is the tricky thing.”

She has kept the interior design simple for now and plans to infuse more Greek culture into the decoration when the business grows. After all, managing your cash flow in the early stages of a business is critical.

A little insight into Greek cuisine. Elli explains that gyros back home are typically made from pulled pork or chicken, and not with beef which has become a popular choice in the United States. She keeps her menu authentically Greek: simple, healthy, and hits the spot.

Link: Your Souvlaki


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