Convenience Shop


Pei Sim sets up and dismantles this shop every day!

“It’s become very difficult for small shops. Big supermarkets import in large quantity for all their chains and can make their prices lower. But, here, we have personal service and trust. You can choose exactly what you want, in any quantity, and see it for yourself outside the package. Also, the supermarket has long queues. Not everyone wants to spend time waiting in a long line especially when they are tired after work. Then you have to drive to the supermarket, which is another cost. Here, you can just pick up what you need very fast. But, it is hard for shops like this to survive: the profit margin is very thin, and young people don’t want to do it.” 

Shopkeeper Stories is a photographic documentary of small business owners and their trades around the world, sharing their insights, stories and views. You can see all the posts on Facebook and Instagram @ShopkeeperStories


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