Many Jars

Traditional chinese medicine shop in Singapore selling a variety of herbs such as ginseng| Shopkeeper Stories

Little shops express a sense of home where people spend their days and their lives. The shop is a home away from home that interacts with the community: welcome, and let us help you however we can.

When I stepped into this medical hall tucked into a row of shops in the neighbourhood, Jie Sheng, an 11-year-old child, chatted happily about the different jars of herbs and how they were used to help various ailments.

He had school exams that week, but looked relaxed and prepared. “He is my cashier,” the dad gestured proudly at his son. “He does the maths.” He beckoned at his son to help him look through a stack of receipts.

Now, who needs a tuition teacher to practice mental sums when you can be the official accountant of a little shop?  🙂

This story is featured in a coffeetable book showcasing small business owners from a medley of trades in Singapore. The gorgeous publication was sponsored by the Singapore Business Federation and SG50 Celebration Fund with a cover design from Paperplane, a visual storytelling studio based in Singapore. To get a FREE copy of this book, just share your 3 favourite posts from the Facebook page of Shopkeeper Stories, and send me a direct message with your mailing address!

Book launch | Shopkeeper Stories

Shopkeeper Stories is a photographic documentary of small business owners and their trades around the world, sharing insights, stories and views. You can connect with the community on Instagram and Facebook @ShopkeeperStories



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