Sea Jewels

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“When I was young, my grandfather used to take me to the California coast, and whenever we were there, he’d pick up garbage along the shore to throw away – he was the first conservationist that I knew.  While he was busy picking up other people’s trash, I would collect the sea glass. Of course, at that age, I didn’t think I’d be selling it as jewelry!”

What exactly is sea glass?

“Sea glass is from broken glass that has been thrown into the ocean hundreds of years ago, and gets tumbled by the waves until it washes up to shore. I like to go to places where there used to be active shipping lanes, because a lot of trash was thrown aboard from the ships, and that’s where you’ll find a lot more sea glass.”

Throwing glass into the ocean

“Glass is not such a bad thing to throw into the ocean – as long as it is far away from the coast – because it is made of sand, so we’re just putting it back where it comes from to be reformed.”

Challenges in running a business…

Not having enough time!

… and how you cope.

Not getting enough sleep!

Most useful tips learned in business

“Follow your instincts, and do what makes you happy. Everyone’s going to have something to say about what you should do. They’ll say: “You know what you should do?!” For example: “You know what you should do? You should paint designs on the sea glass!” You’re going to hear a lot of people telling you many different things. You just have to take it all in, filter it, and then do what makes you happy. Of course, if you’re not making any money and not paying the bills, you have to relook the way you’re doing things, but always follow your heart.”

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