A Twist on Vintage

How do you start a business selling jewelry? We chat with Linda La Touche in California who describes her journey.

Shopkeeper Stories - La Touche jewelry

Linda La Touche: An Artist & Jewelry Designer in California

In the whirl of life changes, the jewelry was constant.

My parents always encouraged me in the arts, from dance to music to art.

When I decided to start a family and quit school, I started making jewelry during my pregnancy… and never stopped. From job to divorce and all the changes that happened in my life, the jewelry was constant. I decided to leave my job, and make it a commitment. So far I have spent 19 years making jewelry, and this is my 7th year as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Struggles | Doing it all

My greatest struggles are my present struggles – juggling and managing the many different jobs that I’m not willing to hire out to get done. From photography to marketing to sales, I’m the maker, the designer, the sales rep, the accountant. I’m juggling how to be good at all these facets of running a business. I just don’t have the resources for hiring.


I do well working alone, being a boss. I don’t need to be in an office or have to leave my home to be productive. I can be productive at home. It’s not always easy, but I persevere.

Shopkeeper Stories - La Touche jewelry

Strategies | Staying Strong

Make lists and take breaks! I don’t always write things down because I think I understand it and will remember it, but then I miss things! So now I write them down. I’m very emotionally driven and don’t want to stop to take a break, but now I learn to take breaks.

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