Taking Stock

Lingerie shop selling bras and pajamas in Singapore | Shopkeeper Stories

“I used to work in an electronics factory and it was exhausting. We had to stand all day at the assembly line, and our eyes got tired from using the microscope. We manufactured parts for cameras and printers. Then one day my friend said: why don’t we do this business? So I said: okay”

To sell lingerie in a market, you have to keep the designs simple— nothing fancy! Because if people want something fancy and expensive, they will go to the shopping centre— even I will do that!

I’m always looking online to check new fashion trends and only order a few pieces at a time so that I can keep changing the stock.

Sometimes my customers text me photos of designs they want. If it is something that can suit my shop, I’ll talk to the supplier and try to get it.

For a shop like this, I have to focus a lot on quality. I don’t sell high-end brands: if people want to spend money, they will go to the mall, and I will never sell things which are cheap quality: people can go online for that. So I choose carefully in the middle where the quality is still good and people can afford it.”


This interview is featured in a coffeetable book showcasing business owners from diverse trades in Singapore. This gorgeous publication was sponsored by the Singapore Business Federation and SG50 Celebration Fund with a lovely cover design from Paperplane, a visual storytelling studio based in Singapore.

Book launch | Shopkeeper Stories

Shopkeeper Stories is a photographic documentary of small business owners and their trades around the world, sharing their tips and insights. You can see all the posts on Instagram and Facebook @ShopkeeperStories



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