Snack Shop

Snacks, biscuits, and dried fruits at the Redhill market in Singapore | Shopkeeper Stories

“This is my mother’s shop. I’m helping her out.”

“She’s lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have her!”

Wendy Fam drops into her mother’s shop after school to help whenever she can. Her mother works every day from 7.00am to 7.00pm (except Mondays) which leaves less time for housework, but her husband and children are helpful both at home and at work. The days are long and the work is labourious: they package all the snacks on their own, but they love interacting with people in the neighbourhood— and the market certainly benefits from their sparkle!

Shopkeeper Stories is a photo-documentary of small business owners and their trades around the world, sharing insights, stories and views. You can see all the posts on Instagram and Facebook @ShopkeeperStories



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