Bogotá, Colombia

Bogota Colombia | Shopkeeper Stories

Shopkeeper Stories is a project that celebrates small business owners around the world, and it is an honour for me to feature a guest entry from Juan Manuel who introduces us to a music shopkeeper in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Juan worked as a consultant  at a bank for many years with a degree in industrial engineering, but the work never felt quite right. Over time, he realized his passion was in writing and telling stories. So, why not turn this creative energy into a profession?

“You are in charge of changing your life’s narrative anytime you want,” goes a saying, and Juan changed his own narrative to become a business storyteller, working with companies to communicate their ideas using memorable stories.

Writing to Juan is a form of meditation. “More than a decade ago, writing hit my head like a bomb, and now I feel an urge to write everyday to tell stories and to express something. As a Colombian writer said: “I write to check my life’s complicated themes.” Thank you, Juan Manuel, for sharing this interview with Shopkeeper Stories!

You can learn more about Haki Storytelling and explore the art of writing!

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